Every effort is being made to provide a timely and informative process for each APIF2018 attendee.  The following methods are in place so we can answer your questions quickly and in a way that reduces your stress levels.


If you have any questions, you can contact the conference coordinator Ms. Montana directly using Line social media at 'noosmiles' or by e-mail at msmontanakmitl@gmail.com


Can the APIF2018 conference suggest English language editing and Thai to English translation assistance?

Yes, we can. However, using these services will in no way guarantee that your manuscript will be selected for peer review or accepted for publication.

Kamollak Pittayapornmanee (Ms. Muk) -  kamollakp@hotmail.com

Line Social Media: Mukafer

Ms. Muk is a graduate of KMITL's English language degree program.